A story of ESSENCE

Meet rOD & jAY


We are both Christians who are passionate about helping others, whether it is within their spiritual journey or being healthier.

Through intense research and experience we have learned that 100% pure natural oils and herbs (with no added chemicals) are best for human hair and scalp health.


Throughout my scholastic journey of studying Health Sciences and Nursing I, (Jay) have learned the affect in which the chemicals in our hair products has caused. Many countless diseases including: Endocrine Failure, Cancer, Kidney Failure, and Organ Failure are all caused by the used chemicals. With an interest in human health, I (Rod) am currently studying Anatomy, Obesity, Nutrition and Fitness; while concurrently pursuing my Physical Training degree. What many individuals lack knowledge about is that 60% of what we put on our scalp, hair and skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Once the products are in the bloodstream it begins to flow throughout our entire body system. The harsh chemicals could affect the human body system in ways that we could not imagine. Which is what inspired us to create products that are not only great for your hair but that is healthy as well.


Background TIP: I have always made oil recipes, so when God revealed to me this business idea I was excited. For me it is all about helping all become educated about the importance of healthy hair and skin. One of my major positive impacts with Blessed Oils was with the Glory Serum. Most recently one of my co-workers was afflicted with cancer. As she was going through the Chemotherapy process, she asked me to make her an oil recipe for her hair loss. I prayed and asked God to guide me throughout the process of creating a special oil, as well as heal my co-worker. God guided me every step of the way throughout creating "Glory Serum" for her. She resulted back to me that she has not experienced anymore hair loss and that her hair has grew instead. I was beyond ecstatic to hear the blessing in which she and I both received, (Her hair growth and my oils.) From that day forward, with the assistance of my husband, we have been creating oil recipes for people with loss edges, stunted growth, and beard problems. God has blessed every recipe to be effective and efficient!


Our mission here at Blessed Oils is to help individuals grow spiritually and  beautiful healthy hair. We are excited to be at your convenience and pleasure, may God bless you all.